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Fearlessly Grab Your Dreams!

We can’t afford to keep our creative lives hidden. Souls need to express themselves. We were born to share. I started playing piano when I was 3. I trained hard, performed and entered competitions, every one of which I lost. I began associating “losing” with humiliation and being a bad […]

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TEKTONIK Musicology at Fudan FISF

Announcing immediately! Multi-Grammy Awardee Dana Leong joins adjunct faculty of Fudan Fanhai International School of Finance in a unique role sharing TEKTONIK’s talent leadership philosophies. Dana Leong & TEKTONIK will help create course curriculum for the masters degree program and it’s new C.A.R.E program which focusses on arts and culture […]

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Understanding Nature Through Music

Music is a medium in which humans can communicate the incommunicable, summon emotions that cannot be expressed through words, and therefore connect with and comprehend the world around them. This includes the world of nature, one which has become removed by many from the world of humans. However, by examining […]

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