2019 Shanghai, China

After 20 years of performances and 7 years of global social impact in music and wellness, TEKTONIKmusic.org is launching a talent leadership program bringing high achieving high school students together to unlock their potential. Through unique workshops and interactions with leading innovators and disruptors in business leadership and creativity, students will be exposed to a wide range of concepts and ideas that will prepare them to make an impact both locally and globally.
Students will work together on both a creative and social entrepreneurship project under the mentorship and guidance of our counselors. The social entrepreneurship project will be expected to incorporate the ideas and concepts they are learning – innovation, social entrepreneurship, creativity and ideation, storytelling and presenting, team-building, and much more – while still meeting the fundamental requirements of an actual business. This process will culminate with an actual start-up pitch to a panel of veteran angel investors and venture capitalists.

In the end, students will have a foundational understanding of the next generation tools and skills they need to succeed in our global society. They will have a better understanding of their own passions along with an actionable project that can make a meaningful impact in their communities. They will have gone through a personal growth process while developing many of the critical skills – vision, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, etc. – that the top universities and companies in the world are looking for. More importantly, students will become a part of the TEKTONIK community!